Splittur 3.0

An advanced compression tool with splitting support

Splittur is a file compression and splitting utility with advanced features. The program is able to create multi-volume ZIP and RAR archives, single compressed files, as well as auto-extract or set up files.

This program features a standard archive SFX module, which is small and fast. With this function any archive file can be entirely customized from the banner to the text box of “About” menu option.

Splittur also features another advanced option that transforms the package files into almost any virtual format like self-extracting EXE, JPG, RTF, or any other format depending on the end user’s selection.

These kinds of files can only be extracted by the Weldur utility which is available for free. In most cases, no matter which format is selected, it will represent respective formats, so JPG will be images, RTF will be texts, but only their size will grow based on functionality.

Splittur is mainly a sophisticated compression tool with various advanced features, helpful for users with need for a stable compression utility.

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Splittur 3.0

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